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Jocko on Leadership: “Ownership Is the Most Valuable Compensation”

What motivates subordinates? A fat paycheck, stock options, maybe a free trip to Hawaii? Perhaps. But on Monday’s Debrief podcast, Navy SEAL Commander and author Jocko Willink named another, more powerful inducement: “Ownership is the most powerful compensation you can give a human being.” People want control over their lives, including at work. So, rather than have subordinates execute your […]

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In GameStop, An Unlikely Community

I spent some time browsing the GME sub* on Reddit yesterday, curious what some of the stock’s most fervent supporters are saying. What I found surprised me. The most striking discussions were intensely personal. One poster described saving up his GameStop winnings for sex reassignment surgery, a lifelong dream (usernames redacted): Other posters, who call themselves “apes” in a reference […]

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The Best Motivational Speech of 2021

Investor Jason Calacanis was in rare form on the All-in Podcast on Friday: All of the answers are out there if you want to start a company. All the skills are freely available to you. You can learn anything online. I think the message I really want people to understand is you may believe that the world is filled with […]

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When The Cat Who Supported Her Through Cancer Got Sick, Jessica Knew What She Had to Do

Jessica had battled a brain tumor for a decade and was finally feeling better. Her little cat Olive had stood by her throughout her treatment, and now they were relaxing together at their house in Harlem. One weekend, Jessica couldn’t find Olive anywhere. She went down to the basement and heard faint meowing from the corner. Olive was very sick. […]


What Captain Sir Tom Meant to Me

My wife was the first person to tell me about Captain Tom, a man in the UK nearing his 100th birthday who was walking across his small garden day after day to raise money for the NHS. At that time, things in the New York area, where we live, were at their worst. I remember the disturbing sights of that […]

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Intuition, Boxing and Freedom

I recently received an intriguing short essay from a friend of mine. It gave me a different perspective on what we consider freedom. I’ve published it in full below. Enjoy! It’s when thought and action form a single whole that you’re free to be something Freedom I know a boxing instructor who used to tell his pupils to evade incoming […]


What Do Conspiracy Theories Have To Do With Ant Farms?

I notice a significant increase in the popularity of conspiracy theories recently. Some are byzantine, with such outrageous claims it’s a wonder they ever gained currency. And they seem to be gaining new adherents by the day. Conspiracy theories are nothing new. But why do they seem particularly salient today? Being a part of a group of believers, either in […]

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The Boy Who Was Me

I recently received a wonderful letter from a young man named Corey, who is at Rawhide boys ranch. Rawhide is a place that takes in boys who have gotten in trouble with the law and helps them change their lives. Corey was behind in school before he arrived at Rawhide, but he’s done a complete 180 and will graduate high […]

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What’s Really Going On in the World Today

We’ve seen some scary headlines lately. But I threw caution to the wind and went out exploring anyway so you guys wouldn’t have to. What I found: beautiful sun, empty sidewalks, no rioters, indeed nothing out of the ordinary besides a few inflatable Santas. I encourage everyone to remember that even when there are problems, 99.99% of what’s out there […]

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How I Quit Smoking

Six years ago, I did something people say is almost impossible. I quit smoking, and I haven’t touched tobacco since. Here’s a secret: it’s very, very possible. I smoked about a pack a day of cigarettes for over 7 years, and as I was about to get married, I thought about how I had to prioritize my health now that […]