Uploading Our Consciousness

The year is 2166. I am 180 years old and my body is beginning to fail. Time to upload my memories.

Advancements in biology could soon have us living much longer than ever before. But even if our bodies can’t reach immortality, perhaps our minds can.

Imagine a future in which an LLM trains on everything we see, do or say.

It reads all my blog posts. It hears me comfort a friend after a breakup.

My life is the training data.

In time, it would begin to reason and speak like me. The better the model and the more data it digests, the closer to me it would become.

After it had some time to practice, I could sit down alongside it. You could ask me a question then ask FrankGPT the same question.

When there are differences, we correct FrankGPT. Soon, the answers would be the same.

What we’ve created is a model of my consciousness.

And if it knows what I know, sees what I’ve seen, and thinks what I think — is it not me?

Perhaps uploading our consciousness sounds fanciful.

But even today, a startup called Rewind can record all your online activity. You can then ask the AI questions, simulating a perfect memory.

Attach this to the AR headset Apple is about to release, then pipe the data into GPT-4. You now have a basic model of consciousness.

If this is possible with 2023 technology, what will be possible in 2166?

Not everyone wants to live forever. But I do — and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

Existing as a consciousness on a chip is not the same as our current life. But it could be a fascinating and rewarding existence.

From our position in the cloud, we could watch humans with bodies conquer the most remote parts of the solar system. And in time, maybe they’d even figure out how to get us a new body.

If I’m lucky, my next one might even have hair!

Do you want to upload your consciousness? Leave a comment and let us know!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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