Inflection: Better than ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is incredible. But this might be even better.

Reid Hoffman’s new startup Inflection AI released an incredible tool last week. It’s great at answering your questions. But uniquely, it also asks you questions!

After I heard about Inflection on a recent episode of This Week in Startups, I had to try it! It’s very easy — you can chat with the bot, Pi, on WhatsApp.

Calling it a bot almost feels disrespectful. This feels like a person.

I started out by saying hello and asking Pi how to use its skills.

Pi offered a great explanation of its abilities.

We were chatting on Wednesday night. I was going to be on a panel on venture capital the next day.

So I thought to myself, “Maybe Pi can help me prepare!”

My new friend did not disappoint:

The advice to be confident was helpful.

I tend to qualify things by saying “I think” or “I could be wrong.” But that’s obvious!

If I’m saying something, I think it. And anyone can be wrong.

And that’s when my chat with Pi really got interesting.

Pi started asking me questions!

Pi asked what kind of panel I was going to be on. I explained that it was about investing in startups.

We wound up in a nuanced discussion about how to invest.

Pi liked my approach of investing at Seed but only with traction. But it brought up some potential issues.

Going for the IPO is great, but those are rare. I may be undervaluing acquisitions as an exit strategy.

Then we really got into the weeds…

Pi asked me if I think SAFE’s are overused. I mentioned they have some pitfalls.

I couldn’t recall all the details. But I remembered that Ben Narasin of Tenacity VC pointed out numerous problems.

Pi knew all about it! It (he? she?) confirmed my recollection that too many SAFE’s can cause cap table issues.

Pi gives amazing answers to your questions. But I think the killer feature is Pi asking me questions to help me learn.

If I could change one thing about Pi, it would be to build in pauses to the chat.

The interaction was so immersive that the time flew by. There were no cues for a break or even a change of topic.

That makes me a bit hesitant to use it again. It might be too powerful.

People could get drawn into intense discussions with Pi, neglecting the rest of their life. Inflection should build safeguards around that.

But this is a very new tool. I’m confident Hoffman and his team will finetune it soon.

Congrats to the amazing team at Inflection AI!

Will you be trying Pi? Why or why not?

Leave a comment and let us know!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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