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India Is Soaking Up Venture Capital Like a Sponge

It’s not just about the Bay Area anymore. Indian startups have raised venture funding at a record pace this year, on track to double from 2020: Startups raised total investments of $7.8 billion in the first four months of this calendar year, which is almost 70% of the overall corpus of $12.1 billion raised in entire 2020 and more than […]

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This Is How Vlad Tenev Built Robinhood

“You can break down Robinhood into a series of small steps, the first one being start Robinhood, and every subsequent one being some variant of don’t stop and keep going, right, and you end up where we are today. “ In his mid-20’s, Vladimir Tenev lived in New York City. His apartment was tiny and spare. All his time went […]

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Venture Funding Just Doubled in 1 Year

I came across an incredible stat last night: Worldwide venture funding has nearly doubled YoY reaching $125B and grew by half QoQ in Q1 2021, according to Crunchbase. On average, two startups crossed the unicorn valuation threshold each working day during the first three months of the year. Users increasing their engagement with online tools due to the pandemic, along […]

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Key Metrics for Startups: Consumer vs. Enterprise SaaS

I listened to a fascinating podcast this morning in which Jason Calacanis, an early investor in companies including Uber and Calm, broke down how to measure startup success. The key metrics depend on what kind of company you’re looking at: Consumer companies: Of the biggest users, how many are retained? For example, if someone used the app 3 times a […]

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This Is How Startups Pitch Investors

You walk into the room, palms sweating. You go over your script in your head. You pray to God your computer doesn’t crash. Eyeing you skeptically are a bunch of grey haired money guys. Don’t screw this up. At the very least, that may be how the public imagines the meetings where startups pitch investors. The reality isn’t quite so […]