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The Incredible New Blender I’m Loving

With cold weather and ample time at home, I’m getting a lot of use out of a wonderful Christmas gift I received: an Instant Ace Plus blender. It’s so powerful I jumped away in fear the first time I turned it on! Since then, I’ve made friends with it, and it’s rewarded me with silky soups and delicious smoothies. I […]

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How I Learned to Cook

For 11 years through college and most of my 20’s, I cooked little more than toast. Every meal I ate, I ate at the cafeteria and later, once I had a real job, an actual restaurant. I had many a scrumptious dinner, but I also had an anemic bank account and expanding belly. I realized something had to change. How […]

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The Nut Butter Cups I Don’t Hate Myself for Eating

I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but given the nutritional profile (22g of sugar), I can’t justify eating them on a regular basis. I recently discovered Evolved’s Keto Cups at Whole Foods, which are now an after-workout staple for me. The chocolate is higher quality than the Reese’s, and the fillings are delicious and healthy. I particularly recommend the Coconut […]