Major Hedge Fund Down 54% — Survival in Doubt

In a brutal year for hedge funds, few have suffered more than Light Street Capital. The fund lost 54% in 2022, over $1 billion.

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From a report out last night in Bloomberg:

Light Street Capital Management’s hedge fund tumbled 54% in 2022, according to a person familiar with the matter, one of the industry’s worst performances last year. 

That drop rivals the 56% decline for Tiger Global Management, and is steeper than Lone Pine Capital’s 36% loss and Whale Rock Capital Management’s 45% slide.  

Light Street was the classic crossover hedge fund. It made big bets on technology companies, both public and private.

Many of those bets were at eyewatering valuations. Tech was crushed in 2022, pushing many such funds to the brink.

What strikes me is how simple Light Street’s strategy was. Its biggest holdings were a who’s who of growth stocks:

Anyone could’ve bought Tesla and hoped for the best. Why should investors pay Light Street 2% of assets and 20% of gains to do what they could do themselves?

Light Street’s 54% loss is abysmal even compared to benchmarks. The S&P 500 lost 18% last year, while the NASDAQ lost 33%.

Investors could’ve bought index funds and avoided hundreds of millions in losses, not to mention outrageous fees.

No wonder the California Public Employees Retirement System (Calpers), one of the most astute investors in the market, hasn’t invested in hedge funds since 2014.

The future for Light Street is bleak. It cannot charge a performance fee again until it more than doubles its fund.

That’s extremely hard to do. And without those juicy performance fees, the best traders will leave.

This is the kind of spiral that took down Melvin Capital. Light Street could be next.

I’m a huge bull on technology. But no stock is a good buy at any price.

What do you think the future holds for hedge funds? Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know!

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Photo: Glen Kacher, Founder of Light Street Capital


11 thoughts on “Major Hedge Fund Down 54% — Survival in Doubt”

  1. All hedge funds should disappear. They contribute absolutely nothing to society and constantly steal from retail investors. Naked shorting is a huge problem and HFS like Citadel Secrities who try and bankrupt American companies putting thousands out of jobs while padding their bank accounts and bribing politicians and to all three letter agencies like the SEC and the DOJ to name a few to blindly look the other way while having main stream media bash companies so people who don’t know any better think they should stay away. It’s legalized organized crime.


  2. Is survival keeping the fund open? And for how long? This Glen dude faces a long year of nasty client meetings, staff defections and all the operating expenses on dwindling aum. Presumably, most clients will redeem, and he becomes a family office…. is that surviving?


  3. Hopefully there won’t be hedge funds in the future to pilfer peoples pension funds. The only entity more worthless to the everyday man then a hedge fund is the SEC who refuses to regulate them.


    1. Cidel sell 5 times a float look at GMBL 250 million volume and the stock drops next day 300 million volume Miami judge let him walk from GME fraud now he knows drop 5 times float when a stock go,s up hmmm crook made 55 million follow the money and 7 other diety hedgefunds in with him stock forging is like check forging s


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