SEC Refuses to Address Massive Fraud in Markets

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) just released its top enforcement priorities for the year. Rather than dig into systemic fraud in our markets, they’ll be regulating….confetti?

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According to a report out this morning on Reuters, the SEC will be focusing on:

”…behavioral prompts, differential marketing, game-like features…and other design elements or features designed to engage with retail investors on digital platforms.”

In plain English, they’re talking about the confetti some stock trading apps display when you make a trade. But that’s not all.

The SEC will also be regulating how funds can use certain words:

…funds with keywords such as “green,” “sustainable,” “ethical,” or “socially responsible” in their names will have to reflect an emphasis on these areas through their investing choices.

As if investors couldn’t simply look at the holdings and see if Exxon Mobil is there or not!

Combatting widespread financial fraud is nowhere in the SEC’s agenda.

Illegal naked short selling pervades our markets. Millions upon millions of trades fail to clear each day, especially in heavily shorted stocks like AMC Entertainment Holdings and GameStop.

But the SEC won’t be looking into that.

Despite $8 billion in losses on FTX, cryptocurrency regulation won’t be a focus for the SEC this year either. Why bother with that when the SEC could be requiring “a summary of registrants’ human capital resources,” whatever that is?

It’s no wonder author Jesse Eisinger called the feds “the chickensh*t club.”

The SEC is a toothless regulator. It busies itself with make-work, avoiding the real issues plaguing our markets.

Gary Gensler and the SEC need to start going after the real criminals.

What do you think of SEC enforcement? Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know!

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Photo: “CMI 101: Demystifying Derivatives with CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler” by Third Way is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.


14 thoughts on “SEC Refuses to Address Massive Fraud in Markets”

  1. Did you expect anything else from the 3 letter agency that is in place to fight for transparency and fairness for retail investors who have no one looking out for them while they turn a blind eye along with the US government with pockets wide open.
    Allowing criminal HEDGE FUNDS and MARKET MAKERS commit fraudulent activities in broad daylight. As they continue to fall one by one.

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  2. This is disgusting. We need to get congress to push the SEC into taking care of this Naked shorting,. If they won’t do it then they will clearly show they are not protecting the American people either and will be taken out of the majority in the next election,


  3. Why am I not surprised at all? It seems no change will come via the SEC. And when our entire economy collapses retail investors will catch the blame, not the financial terrorists defrauding the markets for decades. And then taxpayer money will bail them out again, and they’ll just go right back to business as usual. Until financial law is actually applied and those responsible for white collar crime receive severe punishment like any other criminal NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

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  4. Please cover the excessive naked shorting and market manipulation in MMTLP. 65,000 shareholders have been prevented from opting out of NON-trading Next Bridge Hydrocarbons on 12/9 & 12/12/22 as a result of FINRA’s inexplicable sudden halt in trading – without warning! Many of those shareholders are suffering financially and emotionally!!


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