Fathom: the Podcast Player from the Future

Let’s say I have a question: “how do angel investors choose startups?” I go to Google and type it in, right? 

But what if the best answer is in a podcast? That audio is trapped somewhere in the dark world of RSS feeds, along with great answers to millions of other questions.

Until now! Fathom makes it easy to search podcasts. 

Let’s try my search on Apple Podcasts:

Bupkus. Now let’s try it on Fathom:

Right away, Fathom directs me to a highly relevant clip from This Week in Startups, a podcast I love! Jason advises me to diversify my investments and make sure I’m choosing companies with products in market.

Sage advice. Question answered.

Do you see how powerful this is? Tons of smart people are talking on podcasts every day, but unlike text, that info is almost impossible to search.

Fathom grew out of a side project during the COVID lockdown. Here’s co-founder Paul Bloch:

Ken, my cofounder reached out to me and mentioned that during the covid lockdown he’d been working on a prototype AI that could answer questions using podcast content. Ken’s a podcast lover and big Lex Fridman Podcast fan. Ken asked if I wanted to help develop the idea and product with him. 

After we started in earnest we felt that there were many more ways we could bring the power of AI to the user and innovate in how people experience podcasts. That’s what brought about the feed of AI-recommended episodes that play AI-generated highlights. 

…I believe in January of 2021 Lex Fridman had an interview where he specifically mentions how game-changing it would be to search inside podcasts. That was the moment of kismet that really made us excited about the potential of the product. Months later we had a prototype, incorporated the company, and had our first investor check. Things started moving fast the moment we really committed to bringing our vision to life.

The application is available on desktop or iOS. As a podcast maniac, I’m really excited to be an investor in this great company!

Give Fathom a try and have fun listening to some awesome episodes! 

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