VADE: The Future of Parking

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I recently took a short ride with my friend Paulie. We reached our destination in less than 10 minutes, only to find nowhere to park.

We circled block after block. Any open spot turned out to be a fire hydrant.

Finally, after 20 minutes, we found a spot! Then, we walked many blocks in the cold to our destination.

Parking had taken more than twice as long as our trip!

But what if you could instantly see on your phone where the open spots are? A company called VADE is making that a reality. 

VADE puts wireless, solar powered cameras in cities to monitor parking use. It can find open spots, double parked cars, and blocked bike lanes automatically.

Quickly directing drivers to an open spot could save tons of time and carbon emissions. Researchers estimate 15-30% of all driving is people searching for parking spots

VADE could have a profound effect on climate change. Imagine if we eliminated 15-30% of all vehicle emissions!

VADE also makes cities safer. If a city can find blocked bike lanes and clear them, bicyclists no longer have to venture into perilous traffic to get around obstacles.

I had some privacy concerns with putting cameras all over a city, but VADE’s cameras are intentionally lower resolution. They can spot a car but can’t identify a person, a wise design decision.

I’m super excited to be an investor in VADE. I look forward to a day when Paulie can save tons of time and effort parking, and you can too!

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