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Unicorns Are Being Minted Faster Than Ever

On average there are 7x the number of billion dollar exits now than a decade ago.

This was Eric Feng writing in September 2018. Since then, this staggering increase in startups hitting that magic “unicorn” $1 billion valuation has only accelerated. Data indicates the number of unicorns has nearly doubled again since Feng’s writing. That’s a growth rate almost twice the prior period.

What’s driving this staggering growth? The biggest factor may be capital flooding the market, making it more likely for companies to be able to raise bigger and bigger rounds of financing at higher valuations, and also making it easier for them to build and scale faster.

What’s more, changes in technology have made it easier to create a startup than in the past. You can host and scale your computing needs via cloud computing, including with no servers, which was a pitch I saw Friday. You can find engineers on LinkedIn, create a website with SquareSpace, and manage your cap table easily with software. We are getting closer and closer to having a “startup in a box.”

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Photo: “Unicorn Attack!” by Sam Howzit is licensed under CC BY 2.0