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Departing GameStop CEO Gets $179 Million Payout

GameStop CEO George Sherman will be leaving the company soon, but not empty handed: As a condition of his exit, GameStop is speeding up the time frame for Sherman to receive the shares, generating the award. Sherman, who has been CEO since April 2019, forfeited $98 million worth of stock this month because he did not meet performance targets, GameStop […]

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The Unstoppable Wave Behind Stocks

In the last year, a torrent of money has flooded into Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) that track the stock market: Over the last 12 months, about $650 billion has flowed into stock and bond ETF’s, a flow that’s unusually large versus history and may help explain why markets have been so strong. Despite the attention to volatile stocks like GameStop, […]

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You Can Now Buy a Rolls Royce with Dogecoin

Post Oak Motor Cars is now accepting dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that recently gained new heights of popularity following support from Tesla founder Elon Musk, as a form of payment. New Bugatti, Bentley, Karma, and Rolls-Royce vehicles are sold at the boutique sales location next to Houston’s only five-star hotel, The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston. This is the second […]

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The First Stock Trades On the Blockchain Just Happened

Credit Suisse and Nomura just did the first stock trades settled via blockchain technology: This week Credit Suisse cut some US equities trades with the Nomura-owned broker Instinet, using blockchain. This technology has been used before to verify other kinds of transactions. But these trades were a “first” because settlement occurred in hours and not the two days needed with […]

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28% Of Americans Bought Meme Stocks in January

I came across a shocking fact this morning: 28% of Americans bought a meme stock like GameStop or AMC in January: Over a quarter of American adults say they bought GameStop (GME) or another viral stock in January, according to a new survey from Yahoo Finance and The Harris Poll. All in, 28% of Americans say they bought one of […]

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Wallstreetbets’ Next Stop: Asia

Stock mania has gripped the US throughout the year. And now it’s spreading to Asia, where trading volumes are rising far faster than even in the US: The value of stock trades matched on exchanges, in what is known as electronic order-book trading, gives a sense of the trend. Such trading on the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges more than […]