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Why I Just Invested in Deft, the Best Way to Shop Online

We’re back!

Sorry I missed you guys Friday. I wasn’t feeling well.

Fortunately, it wasn’t COVID and I’m back to 100%. And I’m really excited about today’s company: Deft.

E-commerce search is broken.

Don’t believe me? Type in a simple search like “pet friendly sectional under $5000” on Google or Amazon.

The results are mostly irrelevant ads and sofa covers, not actual sofas. The brands are trusted names like HDCAXKJ.

That’s why Zach created Deft, the best way to shop online.

Type that search into Deft and you’ll see relevant results from top brands. This saves you time and money.

You can even hire a personal shopper through Deft for a small monthly fee! 

I knew people would pay for a personal shopper when I noticed they pay to skip the security line at the airport (through a company called Clear). Some people have more money than time. 

Deft is currently in beta. I encourage you to check it out!

One day, this will be the standard for e-commerce search and perhaps many other search categories as well. I’m delighted to be an investor!

Check out Zach on the This Week in Startups podcast!

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Photo: “Online shopping” by Robbert Noordzij is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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Save Money on Stuff I Use:

Amazon Business American Express Card

You already shop on Amazon. Why not save $100?

If you’re approved for this card, you get a $100 Amazon gift card. You also get up to 5% back on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases, 2% on restaurants/gas stations/cell phone bills, and 1% everywhere else.

Best of all: No fee!


This platform lets me diversify my real estate investments so I’m not too exposed to any one market. I’ve invested since 2018 and returns have been great so far.

More on Fundrise in this post.

If you decide to invest in Fundrise, you can use this link to get your management fees waived for 90 days

Misfits Market

My wife and I have gotten organic produce shipped to our house by Misfits for over a year. It’s never once disappointed me.

Every fruit and vegetable is super fresh and packed with flavor.

I thought radishes were cold, tasteless little lumps at salad bars until I tried theirs! They’re peppery, colorful and crunchy!

I wrote a detailed review of Misfits here.

Use this link to sign up and you’ll save $10 on your first order. 


These Vitamins Are So Good I Took a Picture With Them in a Snowstorm

It’s been snowing for over 20 hours straight here in the New York City area. But I’m inside enjoying, among other things, the excellent vitamins that just arrived from iHerb. I got the best tasting Vitamin C gummies I’ve ever had, from California Gold Nutrition, along with melatonin, magnesium, etc.

I almost bought the vitamin C on Amazon, but I did a quick Google search right before pressing “Place Order.” Good thing too, because I found them for $7.00 rather than $12.55 on Amazon.

Note that the Amazon ones are actually coming from iHerb too! You’re buying the exact same product from the exact same seller for almost twice the price. Why? My guess is Amazon is just marking it up through the roof because people default to Amazon, and iHerb just has to live with it. But who knows.

I had never heard of iHerb, but my always-astute wife had and assured me it was legit. It is. I got my shipment in a couple of days (first day in the delivery window they specified) and got texts when it shipped and when it was delivered.

iHerb adds a lot of additional value through their iTested program. They take the supplements they sell, send them to a third party laboratory, and find out if they actually contain what the manufacturer says. Then, they share that result with you. Here’s the report on the vitamin C I bought. They contain 250 mg of vitamin C dead on, as advertised, and virtually zero trace heavy metals or any other contaminant.

This is important when many vitamins don’t contain what they claim to. I intend to shift all future supplement purchases to iHerb based on this experience.

New customers get 25% off their whole order right now, and minimum shipping is $20. That’s hard to beat.