Steak and Potatoes at Their Best at The Capital Grille

The juicy, crisply seared steaks hit the table. This is the good life.

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Ralphie May immortalized The Capital Grille in comedy. And as the staff covered our table in meat and scrumptious sides, I grinned from ear to ear.

“The potato don’t come with it?”

Ralphie May

We began with bread and butter, my favorite way to judge a restaurant. At the best tables, they’re never an afterthought.

The basket was stuffed with three kinds of bread. My favorite was a dark loaf with raisins — wonderful with a thick pat of butter.

Next, I heaped my plate with crispy green lettuce in a light vinaigrette. What is it about fresh lettuce that goes so well with a steak?

It was time for the most exciting moment in life: when they bring your entree.

I watched the staff set plate after plate in front of my friends. I stared at the waiter, slackjawed and doglike, awaiting mine.

This is when seconds feel like hours.

It’s here! A beautifully seared filet, oozing juices.

Does heaven smell like this?

I gingerly cut into it, almost afraid to damage this masterpiece. The inside was a beautiful red — a perfect medium rare.

The steak was tender. I could taste the fire of the grill.

But my favorite part of a steakhouse just might be the side dishes. And Capital Grille did not disappoint.

The mashed potatoes are made with sweet cream and lots of butter. I probably took more than my share — all’s fair in love and war.

Asparagus can be a difficult dish. Restaurant after restaurant undercooks it, leaving it hard to chew.

But not here! It was just soft enough while retaining some crunch.

Ah, dessert.

My favorite was the flourless espresso cake. Less sweet than most, it has a deep coffee aroma.

It was the ideal end to a fabulous meal.

What are your favorite steakhouses? Leave a comment and let us know!

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