Chocolate Almond Croissant Paradise

Strolling down a side street in North Jersey, I popped into a small storefront. Inside: the best almond chocolate croissant I’ve ever had.

This is Petite B French Bakery in West New York, NJ.

In a town that’s historically Cuban, Petite B brings a different flavor. The owners, originally from France, opened in late 2020 to rave reviews.

I feasted my eyes on baguettes, lemon tarts, and madeleines. But I was here for one reason, and one reason only.

A chocolate almond croissant.

This is the granddaddy of French pastry. You get everything wonderful at once: buttery layers of pastry, smooth almond cream, and rich chocolate.

I ordered, paid, and scampered off like a mouse with a treat. Standing on the sidewalk, I gingerly removed the pastry from the bag, not wanting to lose a single almond.

I bit down through crunchy layers of pastry and nuts into the gooey interior. Perfection.

A good almond croissant is moist without being soggy. Its outside is crisp, its inside yielding.

Petite B does it better than anywhere I’ve ever been, even in France.

Petite B also has excellent prices. A cannelé is just 50 cents, the lowest I’ve ever seen.

This sunny bakery offers a lot more than pastry. Savory dishes like quiche and croque monsieur round out the menu, along with a wide assortment of La Colombe coffees.

There’s even a spacious outdoor seating area in the warmer months!

I used to have to go to New York City to get some of my favorite French foods. Not anymore!

Petite B is open every day but Monday. Closing time varies throughout the week, so be sure to check the hours before your visit.

I hope you enjoy this taste of France as much as I did!

What are your favorite bakeries? Leave a comment and let us know!

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