VC Whiners

Turns out having coffee meetings can be awfully stressful. Or so say some VC’s complaining of “burnout.”

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From an article out today in Sifted:

Thirteen investors that Sifted spoke to described seeking intensive professional help, taking months off work and having friends and loved ones cut ties with them due to the stresses of the job. They described having to be on call for partners at all hours, losing huge chunks of their free time to attend the “right” events and facing pressure to be constantly accessible through social media.

Gee, were the canapés not up to snuff?

Much of this stress is the result of intense pressure from a fund’s investors — limited partners — to produce good returns. 

Let’s stop and ponder the absurdity of that statement. Producing good returns with LP money is precisely what the VC said they would do!

If I own a shoe store, and you come in and ask me for a pair, should I complain of the pressure to bring you some Nikes?

We VC’s and angel investors must remember we are in an enormously privileged position.

When I was little, my mother worked as a home health aide for minimum wage. She hurt her back and had her achilles tendon run over by a heavy, motorized wheelchair.

And I never heard her complain 1/10th as much as these millionaires.

Being a VC is an unusual job. No one has to do it.

So if you don’t want to do the job, I suggest you get out.

Can being an investor wear you out a little bit sometimes? Sure.

That’s when you shut down the laptop for the day and put on Better Call Saul.

Do you get to the point where every pitch starts to sound the same? Yes, after a while.

Then take a little vacation! If Twitter is any indication, VC’s spend plenty of time on the slopes already.

We investors are lucky. We get to help decide what the future will be.

Founders rely on us. They need capital, introductions, and advice.

And their needs don’t always come during normal business hours.

Jobs and livelihoods are at stake. We can either take it seriously, or we can start looking for another job.

And let’s never forget that our work is dramatically easier than the founders’. They bust their butts on our behalf, day and night.

We owe it to them to keep our complaints to ourselves. And if you ever hear me sounding like these folks in Sifted, please, give me a kick in the pants.

What do you think of life as an investor? Leave a comment and let us know!

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