Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Venture (But Were Afraid to Ask)

What does everyone get wrong about angel investing? What’s the future of Twitter? I dug into that and more recently at Starta VC!

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A bunch of smart young interns at Starta peppered me with questions for an hour. Their knowledge and depth of thinking really impressed me.

Here are some of my favorite moments:

3:38: How the book Angel led me into angel investing

7:52: Misconceptions about angel investing

9:12: Founder power struggles

11:40: Running out of money isn’t the #1 killer of startups

18:20: How I evaluate founders

42:27: The only reason VC’s exist

44:15: How to network and why

45:40: Opportunities in the down market

52:11: What happened to Clubhouse?

54:56: Twitter prediction

These young people are the future of our industry. The future is bright.

What parts did you like? What did I get wrong?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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