GPT-Powered Search with Perplexity AI

For all its powers, ChatGPT has a fatal flaw: its training data only goes through 2021. Ask about anything recent, and it’s stumped.

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But a new tool lets you use the power of AI to find up-to-the-minute information. It’s called Perplexity AI, and it might be the best search engine ever.

Just a month old, Perplexity AI looks like a traditional search engine. But it uses AI to answer your question, instead of just providing links.

Its answers are pithier than ChatGPT’s — usually about a paragraph. And unlike ChatGPT, Perplexity cites its sources.

This helps us confirm the results are accurate. The lack of sources is a serious problem on ChatGPT, since it occasionally produces incorrect answers.

Let’s give this baby a test drive!

So Perplexity, how’s the market doing so far this year?

The answer isn’t perfect — it’s leaving off today’s return. But it’s accurate enough to be useful.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT is stumped:

Google doesn’t even seem to understand the question. It returns today’s performance only:

Let’s try something a little less time sensitive: what are the best selling albums ever?

Perplexity nails it, giving us a complete answer with excellent citations.

ChatGPT’s answer is restricted to US sales. It’s a decent response, but not as complete an answer as Perplexity’s.

In all, Perplexity seems better at answering questions than ChatGPT. But if you want to generate content, like a blog post or a screenplay, ChatGPT is the right choice.

Where does this leave search giant Google?

Microsoft plans to integrate ChatGPT into its search engine, Bing. Perplexity has already produced something similar, and there will surely be many more.

Meanwhile, nearly two months after ChatGPT’s release, Google has shipped….nothing.

If Google continues to stand still, its competitors will pass it by. And if people lose the habit of Googling, they won’t be back.

I remember the first time I used Google. It was so clearly better than other search engines.

Perplexity feels that way now. The results trounce Google, giving me a direct answer to my questions instead of a page of links.

Search meaning “a page of links” is dead. The question is, will Google die along with it?

What do you think of AI search? Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know!

I’m off tomorrow, so there will be no blog. See you on Wednesday!

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