Is 2023 the Best Time to Invest in Startups?

It was a rough 2022 in tech — layoffs, shutdowns, and stocks falling off a cliff. But 2023 promises to be a golden age for startup investors.

Here’s why I’m more excited than ever to invest in 2023…

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In 2021, you could raise venture capital for a fruit stand.

I saw crypto startups with no product or customers raising “seed rounds” at $100 million valuations every day. Deals moved so fast that if you did any diligence, you might miss it.

Now, the market has slowed to a crawl. The vaporware startups have disappeared.

What’s left? Great companies raising at reasonable prices.

I’m often paying half as much for a company as I did in 2021. Even fast growing startups with several hundred thousand in yearly revenue go for about $10 million.

A lower entry price means more upside. And since a seed investor like me probably won’t exit for 10 years, prices could skyrocket in the mean time.


Founders today are laser focused. They’re not speaking at conferences or rolling out NFT’s.

They’re fighting to make sure their businesses survive.

Founder distraction is a giant killer of startups. For better or for worse, facing bankruptcy concentrates the mind.

I think founders and teams will perform better under this pressure, difficult as it can be.


These days, I can get into any deal I want. Founders have to cast the net beyond the most famous firms in order to raise a round.

For angels and new VC’s, this is a boon. If you ask to get into any deal out there right now, it will probably happen.

There are only a few companies founded every year that matter. Our only job is to get as big a slice as possible of those deals.

That’s a lot easier to do in 2023 than it was in 2021.

Uber, Airbnb, and Block were all founded during the financial crisis. Someone is out there creating the next Uber right now.

It’s our job to find them.

How do you feel about investing in 2023? Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know!

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Photo: Uber founder “Travis Kalanick” by jdlasica is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


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