Why I Just Invested in ProsperStack

You work hard to get new customers. So why let them slip away?

ProsperStack lets you provide custom offers when a customer tries to cancel. They can even segment your customers and give the best offers to your top customers.

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You can also A/B test different offers to see what works best. And you can do all this in a beautiful, no-code interface!

Only the largest companies, like Netflix, have special programs to stop churn. But why shouldn’t your company have it, even if you’re not a giant?

ProsperStack can also help you understand why customers leave. They can tell you “you lost $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue because you don’t have a Salesforce integration.”

That gives your company amazing direction. It’s time to put that Salesforce integration at the top of the list!

But the thing I like most about ProsperStack is that you can easily see how much revenue ProsperStack stopped from churning. This makes their value proposition crystal clear.

I’m delighted to be an investor in ProsperStack’s recent seed round! Book yourself a demo and crush your churn today!

What issues do you see with subscription churn? Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know!

There will be no blog on Monday. I have an acting gig!

See you on Tuesday. Have a great weekend, everyone! 👋

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