New Report: Millions of Fails to Deliver in AMC and APE Shares

Fails to deliver in shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings reached the millions in the first half of September. The chaos hit both AMC and AMC Preferred Equity (APE) shares, according to a new report out today from the SEC.

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APE fails to deliver peaked at 2.4 million shares on September 1st. AMC fails to deliver peaked a week later on September 8th, at 2.2 million shares.

AMC shares have had large and persistent fails to deliver for over a year. It’s telling that as soon as APE shares were issued, huge fails to deliver appeared there as well.

Meanwhile, much larger companies continue to have almost no trades failing. Let’s take a look at fails to deliver in a few major stocks on Sept 1st:

Amazon: 0

Apple: 5,679

Microsoft: 0

Tesla: 14,727

APE: 2,366,422

And again a week later:

Amazon: 17,603

Apple: 523,020

Microsoft: 179

Tesla: 10,561

AMC: 2,164,802

Fails to deliver in AMC and APE are dramatically larger than in much bigger companies. Why are these shares in constant chaos while other companies are unaffected?

I suspect it’s because of naked short selling by hedge funds. This illegal practice involves selling short shares you never borrowed.

It’s a powerful weapon to crush a stock. If you never have to find shares to borrow, you can sell short any amount!

This can reach absurd levels. In August, we saw fails to deliver in APE shares exceed the entire daily trading volume.

The SEC must investigate what’s going on in AMC and APE shares. Until they do, it’s hard to believe the prices we see are real.

What do you think of the huge number of failed trades in these shares? Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 👋

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25 thoughts on “New Report: Millions of Fails to Deliver in AMC and APE Shares”

  1. The sec helps nevertheless secretly with short sales. How is anyone supposed to understand that?

    Coruption, manipulation and in the end the retail suffers again! Same game as 2008. just sad. 😦


    1. Its in plain sight for all to see, but the SEC wont do anything about it even though its illegal. Why though? Corruption? Payoffs? Who knows. Same issue with the darkpool. It makes a mockery of the US stock market and every day its proven how the rich and the hedgefunds use it as their own personal money making machine via manipulation and illegal practices


  2. SEC is compliant in this FTD business. Gensler is a crook like the rest of them. Both stocks should be much higher than they are. Between illegal naked shorts and taking retail’s trades through the dark pools instead of lit exchanges makes the rich richer and keeps retail poor. We need more stories like this one. We need more pressure for a fair market to exist. APES ARE NOT LEAVING!


  3. It’s a disgrace and I hope the pay the price for fraud. We The People will arrest them. I think collectively we can prove they are complicit and may even be purposely enabling.


  4. Biden, Gary Gensler , Sec should look into the Hedge Funds money making business. Dark Pools. Selling share they don’t have, how can you sell something you don’t own. Who made that crooked system. May they one day get jailed .


  5. This is an embarrassment to the US stock market. When AMC,Ape,and GME short squeezes to historical highs of any stocks ever seen in the markets, they will crumble while they wait for more bailouts. PAY US OUR MONEY! You bet on companies to go bankrupt and hundreds of thousand people to lose their jobs. You lost that bet. Pay us our money!! If anyone invests in this Ponzi scheme after they pay for their crimes, then you deserve to lose your money. Let the institution’s see if they can steal money through Isda contracts, PFOF, Dark pool abuse, and holding orders off exchange until there is absolutely no price discovery, if they can’t use our money


  6. How can this blatant corruption be ignored? Why do the rich get to break the rules, make mountains of cash, and screw the little people again and again and again in the process!!! I hope they all burn in hell. It’s a disgrace, and shows Americans to be narcissistic, solipsistic, capitalist pigs!


  7. So does that mean if they never really borrowed they don’t have to pay back those naked shares? Who created this blog site? Is it an APE or unbias party?


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