Latest Report: AMC Fails to Deliver Hit Over 2 Million

Fails to deliver in shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings have hit over 2 million shares, according to a new SEC report released this week.

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Failed trades peaked at 2,161,808 shares on September 28th. Fails to deliver remained elevated through the end of September, the last day covered in the report.

AMC’s new preferred shares, trading under the symbol APE, also saw large numbers of failed trades. They peaked on the same day, at 466,507 shares.

I find it suspicious that fails to deliver in both shares would peak at the exact same time. My hunch is that hedge funds launch coordinated attacks on both share classes at once.

One powerful weapon in their arsenal is naked short selling. This involves selling short shares you never borrowed.

Naked shorting is a powerful way to push down a stock’s price. If you never have to find shares to borrow or pay interest, you can short as many as you want!

Naked short sales often leave a trail of failed trades. You can’t settle a trade when the shares never existed.

Naked short selling is illegal in most circumstances. But why let that trouble you?

Another key piece of evidence is how out of line AMC’s fails to deliver are compared to much larger stocks. Here’s a snapshot from September 28th:

Alphabet (Google): 92

Amazon: 21,012

Apple: 11,083

Microsoft: 60,869

AMC: 2,161,808

APE: 466,507

These tech giants are hundreds of times the size of AMC. So why does AMC have dramatically more trades failing to clear?

Perhaps the tech giants are too big for hedge funds to attack.

Our markets rely on the confidence of investors. But it’s hard to maintain that confidence when stocks see huge numbers of failed trades and no one investigates.

What do you think of the chaotic market in AMC shares? Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know!

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8 thoughts on “Latest Report: AMC Fails to Deliver Hit Over 2 Million”

  1. Reading this article I found myself shaking my head, again and again. It seems that fraud is no longer a crime to be punished, but instead a useful tool for predatory investing. Its completely obvious why these practices continue, despite their illegality. If nobody is ever arrested and punished for doing these things, how can we even call it crime?? If examples were made, and the people or companies doing this illegal stuff were actually held accountable, we would see less of it in our markets. But, until there are actual repercussions for this type of behavior or action why would anyone stop? Clearly it is profitable for them, and unless they are stopped they’ll just keep on committing fraud, de-stabalizing our markets and stealing from regular investors doing things legally. It’s almost like they think the people following the rules are suckers, and they are the smart ones for finding a guaranteed way to profit. Who cares how many typical investors get screwed, as long as the profits continue to roll in, right? It makes me sick, and also has me wondering if investing in any American market or company is a good idea. If everyone starts thinking this way our economy will crack like an egg, and the mess will cover everyone- not just those profiting from illegal works. Until white collar crime is treated the exact same way as street crime it WILL NOT STOP.


    1. It is absolutely amazing that the level of criminality continues to go unchecked. Nothing is stopping the FTDs, naked shorts, ladder attacks, and MSM FUDon a daily basis! Its not just with AMC, APE, and GME either. Lesser known stocks such as MULN, HYMC, BIOR, and SNDL have the same issues and I hate to say it but it could push them into issues with the Nasdaq as far as listing requirements. If some of them don’t get their stock price above $1 they face delisting or maybe having to do a reverse stock split.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hedge Funds are manipulating stock market to everyone it’s so crystal clear…where is SEC….DOJ….looks like they wanna destroy whole country….they are shorting stock they don’t have….


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