Morgan Stanley Investigation Spreads to Multiple Countries

Morgan Stanley, already under federal investigation in the US, is now facing another probe. This time, it’s in Korea.

From a report that broke last night on Bloomberg:

Morgan Stanley’s stock short selling practices are being inspected by South Korea as part of a broader effort by the nation’s financial watchdog to clamp down on bets against equities, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Goldman was fined in 2018 for naked short selling in the Korean market. Regulators may be looking for similar infractions by Morgan.

This comes as Morgan forces another executive out under mysterious circumstances. Executive Director Charles Leisure was placed on leave last week.

From a report out over the weekend, also on Bloomberg:

Charles Leisure, an executive director who worked on the New York-based bank’s equity syndicate desk, was put on leave this week, people with direct knowledge of the matter said, asking not to be named because the information isn’t public. He was part of a team that handled block trades — deals that have been facing scrutiny from federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Leisure worked for Pawan Passi. Both handled block trades, or buying and selling of large amounts of stock.

Big investors rely on banks like Morgan to quietly offload huge chunks of stock. Morgan may have tipped hedge funds to the sales beforehand, giving them a chance to front-run the trades.

Banks have an incentive to play footsie with hedge funds because of what’s called prime brokerage. A hedge fund’s prime broker handles the fund’s trades, a very lucrative relationship.

If a bank gives them information about market-moving trades, the bank could be more likely to win that business.

So far, nothing has been proven against Leisure, Passi or Morgan itself. Perhaps all its trades were aboveboard.

But consider the overall picture.

Multiple executives in the same area placed on leave. Investigations spreading from one country to the next.

Even other Wall Street banks are raising concerns about Morgan’s activity, a rare move.

Something tells me that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

What do you think is going on at Morgan Stanley? Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know!

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Photo: “Morgan Stanley Headquarters” by Alex E. Proimos is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.


5 thoughts on “Morgan Stanley Investigation Spreads to Multiple Countries”

  1. Burn, baby burn. Llet is all burn down. From the ashes will rise a Phoenix. And maybe, just maybe retail and other small investing firms will finally have a fair shake.

    But…. Most importantly, get a seat at the a new table, that is fair and equitable (and not in the dumb ESG way).

    *this all ends when we ALL stand up and say ENOUGH

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