How Wordcab Will Change Business Communication Forever

Like everyone else, I get invited to a ton of Zoom calls these days. Even if the information sounds useful, I often don’t have time to attend!

But what if I could read a brief, accurate summary of every call in minutes?

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That’s what Wordcab’s API can do. This incredible new startup based in NYC can summarize Zoom meetings, customer service phone calls, sales calls, and a whole lot more.

When the co-founder, Aleks, pitched us, he even summarized his own presentation using Wordcab!

Sure enough, a perfect one sentence summary popped up.

You can even vary the length of Wordcab summaries depending on the level of detail you need.

Do you want to get the information down to a sentence or two? Or would you prefer a few paragraphs that give you more info?

Either way, Wordcab is on your side.

I was extremely impressed with Aleks’ strong customer focus. He knows exactly what his customers need and makes sure they get it, no matter what.

That’s the kind of company you want to do business with. It’s also the kind of company I want to invest in.

In time, Wordcab may be used to summarize emails, documents, and all forms of business communication. This would be a true revolution in the way we work, making us dramatically more productive.

I’m delighted to be an investor in their recent pre-seed round! I can’t wait to see this great team scale up and change the business world forever.

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