Talking About Today’s Startup Market on The Accelerator Podcast

I had the pleasure of chatting with angel investor Michael Conniff on his The Accelerator podcast recently! We talk about how to find a great startup to invest in, some of my recent investments, and the robot pizza future.

I’ve provided some links to key parts below. Enjoy!

3:28: What I look for in a startup

4:50: The technique for judging startups quickly that I learned from Jason Calacanis

6:31: Why I like SaaS

7:00: Problems with D2C companies

9:00: Why I invested in VADE, which is changing parking forever

13:29: My recent investment in Fathom, which is letting us search podcasts the way we do text

15:52: Why I invested in Capbase, the best way to start your start-up

19:17: Will robots make our pizza in the future? 🍕

22:35: Why I started this blog

25:06: What sectors I invest in

What did you like about the podcast? What did we miss?

And would you like to see more podcast content like this? Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know!

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