7 Companies Had 3 Minutes Each to Pitch Us. This Is What Happened.

I had the privilege of watching 7 excellent startups present at The Syndicate’s Remote Demo Day. All are seeking early stage funding for their company from the investment group, which I’m a part of.

I came away from the meeting amazed at the quality of companies out there now. While I can’t share specifics about the companies (yet), here are a few things that struck me:

  • This was a pretty diverse group. It’s not all a white guy’s club anymore. I’m grateful because I don’t want to miss out on any good ideas! Diversity is on a lot of people’s minds right now, and I see things changing.
  • These are real companies. The public may think of startup funding as someone walking into a meeting with an idea and asking for money, but that’s not what it is. Every company had a real product in the market and many had millions in revenue. Some are even making a profit already. They need money to scale, not to start.
  • It’s not all software. One was a hardware solution for growing indoor gardens!
  • What the companies had in common: they were all focused on somehow making things easier, whether that’s working out with friends, growing food, etc.
  • Incredible growth rates. Many companies had year over year growth rates of 100%, 200%, even 500%.
  • Quality of companies is incredibly high. We have a lot of transformative innovation to look forward to very soon.
  • Many make opportunity available to anyone, whether that’s by monetizing your car or van, helping you pay for college, etc. This could be a real antidote to inequality.
  • My favorite company: a startup in the income sharing agreement area, which lets people sell a share in their future income to pay for school. This can replace expensive and hard to access loans. You only pay if you make a good living after graduation.

Most are likely to be funded by our investment group, especially the software companies that act as a platform or marketplace. It’s a tried and true strategy that certainly worked for Uber and Airbnb, and that trend seems to be continuing.

Congrats to all the amazing companies involved!

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Photo: “Great white shark” by Gussy (Luke) is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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