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From Design to Code in Seconds with AI

I think I just saw the future.

A new tool called Bifrost can turn any Figma design into code instantly using AI. The alpha was just released yesterday, and already Twitter is blowing up.

Bifrost lets you take a graphical design for your product and make it real.

First, you design the appearance of your app using Figma, the ubiquitous design tool. Next, you turn it into React code with a couple of clicks.

It even learns how your team likes to code to make sure its output matches your style.

The average front-end web developer makes $152,000 a year. If Bifrost can make them even 20% more productive, that’s worth $30,000 a year.

Per person.

Today, Bifrost can create web app front-ends. In the future, Bifrost and tools like it may produce all forms of software.

Perhaps most amazing is the tiny team that produced this huge advance. Bifrost appears to have just four engineers.

I’m very excited about what a tool like Bifrost can do! Many people have awesome ideas for products but don’t know how to code them.

Removing that barrier could unleash a whole new wave of entrepreneurs.

What do you think of Bifrost? Leave a comment and let me know!

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