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Reversing the Aging Process in Mouse Eyes… and Maybe Someday, Us?

I just listened to a fascinating discussion with Dr. David Sinclair, PhD, on his lab’s recent success in reversing aging in mouse eyes. Sinclair and his team damaged the optic nerves of mice and then, using Yamanaka factors, reprogrammed the cells to “remember” their youthful vitality and regenerate. The mice could then see! The paper was recently published in the journal Nature.

This has significant potential for treating glaucoma in humans as well as someday reversing aging in general. If cells can be reprogrammed to recover the information they had when they were young, many conditions associated with aging could be reversed.

In this discussion (available as a YouTube video or a podcast), Dr. Sinclair also details some of the key things he does to try to prevent and reverse aging

  • Supplements/medication: NMN, resveratrol, oleic acid, metformin
  • Exercise, in particular weight training
  • Intermittent fasting, about 1.5 meals daily
  • Monitoring of biomarkers through regular blood testing. He uses a company called Inside Tracker and advises them. This is something I intend to look into further.
  • Wears Apple Watch and Oura Ring to track sleep, heart rate variability, etc. This and blood tests can provide an idea if certain interventions are working.

I read Dr. Sinclair’s amazing book shortly after it came out and started taking NMN on that basis. I do seem more energetic these days, although whether that’s due to NMN is anyone’s guess.

You can also get up-to-the-minute insights on aging research from Dr. Sinclair by going to his website here and signing up for his email list, Lifespan Insider (bottom right of page). I just did and am eagerly awaiting some useful tips!


Why I Just Did a 3 Day Fast

I just completed a 3 day fast this morning. I celebrated by munching on chocolates and having some of my mother-in-law’s outstanding banana bread. It’s a great feeling to have made it!

No, you do not die if you don’t eat for three days. In fact, fasting for 3-5 days can regenerate the immune system. Older cells are eliminated through a process called autophagy, and new ones generated. Fasting also has significant life extension benefits. I also feel a sense of accomplishment and I get a chance to hone my willpower, which is critical in all areas of life.

But aren’t you hungry? Yes, of course you are, sometimes. But that’s okay! You’ll get comfortable with it. I’ve done quarterly 3 day fasts for about 2 years and countless 24 hour fasts. Here are my top tips for coming through your fast comfortably:

1) Supplement electrolytes. You’re as good as your electrolyte supplementation. If your electrolytes are at a good level, you’re comfortable. If they get low, your life sucks until you replenish. The first day, I was beginning to feel a bit run down, but then I supplemented and I felt fine. Often the fatigue is related much more to electrolytes than to actual hunger.

I use a supplement similar to this, but generic (bought at a local store). I recommend 1 liter per day, consumed gradually. The mixed fruit or fruit punch flavors tend to be the best. Some sources recommend starting supplementation after several days, but I find I need it starting right away.

2) Keep busy! The more you do, the less you’ll think about being unable to eat.

3) Enjoy the freedom! You can do more without all the time involved with meal prep, eating, and clean up. I find myself focused and productive during these periods.

What are your experiences with fasting? Maybe you’re considering it and haven’t tried it yet? Leave a comment and let me know.