Scare the Sh-t Out of VC’s

Pitching investors can be nerve-wracking. But what if you flip the script and scare the sh-t out of them?

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Last week, I sat down to coffee with an aspiring entrepreneur. As we brainstormed together, he came up with a great concept for a startup.

What about a platform to make finding wellness providers like acupuncturists easy?

I liked it — but encouraged him to go further. He could start with a few wellness providers, but what about taking on medicine as a whole?

We all hate doctors’ high costs and opaque pricing. What about a marketplace where you always knew up front what you’d pay?

In time, rather than supplementing insurance companies, he could replace them.

This could be an awesome business. And there’s another cool benefit…

It’s a big idea. And if there’s anything that scares the hell out of venture capitalists, it’s missing the next “big thing.”

VC’s always want to identify and ride a trend before everyone else.

It’s how they make money. But perhaps even more importantly, it’s how they say “I told you so!”

And what if they miss that next big thing?

Their fund languishes and they become irrelevant. And more than anything, angels and VC’s fear being irrelevant.

Otherwise, why would they constantly promote themselves on Twitter, podcasts, and blogs like mine?

Back to our young entrepreneur.

He could present investors with a nice platform for booking acupuncture. They’d smile politely and thank him for his time.

And he probably wouldn’t get a check.

But what if he shows them the exact same thing with a very different vision? Today acupuncture, tomorrow Prenuvo scans, and eventually all of medicine?

That’s a trillion dollar company. And that’s what VC’s want to invest in.

If this business fails, the VC’s downside is minimal. But what if they miss another Google?

The biggest opportunity in that investor’s professional life goes up in smoke.

Paint a compelling vision of how your company can be another Google, Uber, or Airbnb. It is never a straight line and you won’t get there tomorrow.

But show up with a big idea. And make that investor terrified he’s going to miss it.

That’s how you get a big check. It’s also how you change the world.

How do you pitch investors? Leave a comment and let me know!

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