Palantir Options Are Bullish, But This Company Is Still a Dog

We are seeing strong options activity on Palantir Technologies, Inc., which is a darling of the Reddit crowd:

On CNBC’s “Options Action,” Mike Khouw said about 610,000 contracts traded in Palantir Technologies Inc on Wednesday and calls outpaced puts by about three to one. The most active calls were the 26 strike calls that expire at the end of this week.

See the full video here.

Regardless of what the options market is saying, my view on Palantir is that it’s a terrible, money losing company. It has lost money every single year of its 18 years in business, and its current burn rate is $100,000,000 a month. Other major tech companies like Amazon and Google made it to profitability much sooner, so I’m not inclined to give Palantir a break. This is one you want to avoid.

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Photo: “PandoMonthly – April 2012 – Sarah Lacy Interviews Peter Thiel” by thekenyeung is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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