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The Kosher Kings of Reserve Cut

Tiny tacos hit the table, oozing with juices of unctuous brisket. Good thing I got here early!

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Reserve Cut is a kosher steakhouse in the Financial District. Despite the emphasis on beef, Reserve Cut has something for everyone, from vegans to sushi lovers.

It was time for another taco. How can I grab one without anyone noticing?

Better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Next from the kitchen was a form of sushi I’d never seen. Rice was compacted and crisped to form a substrate for immaculate salmon.

Oh and there’s green stuff too! Scrumptious salad in fact — but no one else at the table seemed to notice. 🙂

The table grew tense with anticipation as the hour of reckoning approached. Entree time!

I had to be that guy. I ordered fish at a steakhouse.

No shame in my game — the Chilean sea bass was cooked to perfection. The chef knew exactly when to kill the heat, yielding a flesh flaky, tender and juicy.

The sauce was a silky smooth lemongrass citrus concoction. Acid is always a good pair with fish.

Feeling all healthy, I took the natural next step. I ordered a chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream.

As I cracked open the cake with my spoon, a river of fudge cascaded across the plate. Carefully, I scooped it up, grabbed a bit of cake, and surgically topped it with ice cream.

The perfect bite.

Reserve Cut is just off Wall Street and everything on the menu is kosher. But even for us Gentiles, it’s a heck of a meal.

What are your favorite steakhouses? Leave a comment and let me know!

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