Brave Beats Safari in Security

Today, I saw something that would really piss Steve Jobs off.

Let me explain.

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Websites are constantly trying to track us. Meanwhile, every browser seems to claim to protect our privacy — but do they really?

Today, I ran an identical test on two leading browsers: Apple’s Safari, which I use every day, and Brave.

Safari is second only to Chrome among internet users, with a 19% share. Brave is much smaller but claims to have 50 million monthly active users, doubling every year.

I tested Safari and Brave using an awesome tool called Cover My Tracks. This tool shows how easy it is for trackers to identify you.


Safari produced mediocre results. It only blocked some trackers and allowed websites to “fingerprint” me.

A browser fingerprint is the unique combination of characteristics your browser has.

What add-ons do you use? What fonts are installed?

When you look at these and other factors, it turns out two browsers are rarely the same. When you see my unique combination on the internet, you can be pretty sure it’s Francis.


Brave crushed it. It blocked trackers and stopped fingerprinting cold.

Brave does this by randomizing your browser’s fingerprint.

Remember all those characteristics about your browser that make you unique? Brave slightly modifies them, making you very hard to trace.

Imagine if every time you touched a doorknob, your fingers left a slightly different print. You’d be pretty hard to track down!

I’m appalled that a multitrillion dollar corporation that talks about privacy nonstop gives you worse security than a tiny startup. If Steve Jobs were here, he’d be screaming at the Safari team and having them escorted from the building.

It’s no wonder Brave does such an awesome job at protecting our privacy. Its founder and CEO Brendan Eich created Javascript and co-founded Mozilla.

With such a great product, awesome founder and rapid growth, I only wish I were an investor in this one!

Test your browser’s privacy here. And check out Brave to see how it compares!

How do you protect your privacy online? Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know!

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