Former Congressman Arrested for Insider Trading

Former Congressman Stephen Buyer was arrested today for insider trading. From Politico:

Federal authorities filed criminal and civil insider trading charges against former Rep. Stephen Buyer in U.S. court in Manhattan on Monday, alleging that the Indiana Republican used information gleaned from a golf outing with a T-Mobile executive to purchase securities before the company’s planned acquisition of Sprint.

Buyer was arrested on Monday, said U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damian Williams at a press conference.

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Buyer also made suspect trades in at least one other company. His trades made him over $300,000.

He may have even used his mistress to hide the trades:

The SEC’s complaint claims that Buyer netted roughly $330,000 from the transactions, which he spread across multiple accounts belonging to associates and family members, as well as an unidentified friend with whom he had allegedly engaged in a romantic relationship.

I was put in mind of a great scene from The Wolf of Wall Street. Leonardo DiCaprio realizes his elegant Swiss banker is telling him to hide his money under someone else’s name:

Politicians trading on inside information is nothing new. Congressional representatives beat the market on average, despite many having no background in investing.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been particularly successful. Her performance is 6th best out of 435 members of Congress.

I guess power has its perks.

The public will not trust markets like this. If the powerful use inside information to get ahead, the average person will conclude the game is rigged and walk away.

This means companies won’t get the capital they need. And savers won’t be able to build wealth.

These crooked politicians also undermine trust in government. If you’re profiting from your office, you’re not doing the people’s business.

High government officials and their families should keep their assets in a blind trust. That way, they have no way of using inside information for profit.

I hope these prosecutions start hitting a much higher level. There’s plenty of opportunity here for an ambitious prosecutor to make his career by taking one of these major pols down.

What do you think of politicians self-dealing? Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know!

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Photo: Former Congressman Stephen Buyer


2 thoughts on “Former Congressman Arrested for Insider Trading”

  1. How about the SEC do something regarding the AMC/GME naked shorting going on. Politicians are involved with this as well trying to stop transparency in what is supposed to be a free and fair market. Instead the 1% do what they want without fear of prosecution. This country’s corruption is way out of hand. You talk about Pelosi she is one the biggest crooks. The 1% do nothing to contribute to society but rob society blind every chance they get. DOJ, FBI, SEC do your job already.

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