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AMC Now #4 Most Shorted Stock

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AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. has become the 4th most heavily shorted stock in America, according to new data from UBS.

Its short interest stands at 20%, per Ortex. Short interest is the percentage of outstanding shares that have been sold short.

AMC’s position is particularly striking given that there are around 4,000 publicly traded companies in the US, according to a McKinsey study. This puts AMC in the top 0.1% for the number of bets against it.

Many retail holders of AMC shares are betting on a short squeeze to cause a sudden spike in the share price.

It’s happened before. Short sellers, mostly hedge funds, lost billions betting against AMC shares last year.

Meme stocks are volatile and hard to predict. I find hedge funds betting the future of retirees and charities trading volatile stocks with the chance of unlimited losses incredibly irresponsible.

For the retail holders, the future path of AMC shares is also hard to predict. But if one is betting on short squeezes, a company in the top 0.1% of crowded bets isn’t the worst candidate.

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