Parody Site Sues Citadel to Stop Shutdown

Last week, I told you about Citadel LLC winning an arbitration case to shut down parody site Citadel Air. Now Citadel Air is fighting back:

A critic of the financial firm Citadel and its CEO has filed a lawsuit to stop the transfer of his domain name.

The lawsuit, filed in Federal District Court in Arizona, seeks to reverse the arbitration decision and keep the site online. From Domain Name Wire:

In the lawsuit, Britt alleges, “This is simply a case of a multi-billion dollar company trying to silence a private citizen who is critical of its operations and pokes fun at its CEO’s extravagant lifestyle.”

I had the pleasure of speaking with the creator of Citadel Air, Christopher Britt, recently. He’s an eloquent man with a deep belief in freedom of speech.

From our conversation:

I have seen far too many people and parody accounts censored, suspended, or outright banned on Twitter. I have seen Citadel LLC and their CEO Ken Griffin silence individuals and companies like a bully. Let’s think about this… the 45’th wealthiest individual in the United States is going out of his way to silence me?

This is now a First Amendment issue.

I am fighting back because Ken Griffin believes that throwing money and lawyers at individuals to silence them is the right thing to do.

I agree wholeheartedly with Chris. He should have a right to parody a powerful, famous man and his company.

Chris is clearly not trying to impersonate Citadel. He’s not offering asset management services under the Citadel name or anything like that.

He’s merely making gentle fun of a controversial billionaire.

What does America stand for if all it takes to shut someone up is money?

I, among others, encourage Chris to raise money for his fight. I’d be glad to donate.

But he has declined. For him, it’s not about money.

It’s personal.

I wish him the very best!

What do you think of Citadel and Griffin trying to shut down Chris’s site? Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

P.S. Check out the “Friday” parody near the bottom of the Citadel Air page. Hilarious.

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Photo: Citadel LLC CEO Kenneth Griffin

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9 thoughts on “Parody Site Sues Citadel to Stop Shutdown”

  1. I support the 1st Amendment, but we all know how money gets everything it wants… Look at the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Money, shuts the accounts that report any news about it down, has paid to keep it out of the limelight, and has prevented any one of the powerful and corrupt people from being brought to trial. Money literally makes the decisions, and the powers that be play out the orchestra. What a fucked world we live in…


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