Where The Sopranos Really Happened

“Douchebags make that a red zone?”

I’m a huge fan of The Sopranos. Lately, one of my favorite ways to relax on a weekend night is shutting off the lights and watching a few episodes. So, since I live in northern New Jersey, I decided to see if there were any filming locations nearby.

I found the location of a classic scene from season 6 episode 10, where Christopher Moltisanti’s Maserati is towed by the US Marshals. Chris bought it from Johnny Sack, and the sale violated a court order freezing Sack’s assets. Chris storms out of a garage and confronts the marshal, to no avail.

The scene was filmed at Roc Harbour Drive in North Bergen, right along the Hudson River. Christopher comes out of the garage in the back of the apartment complex.

When I visited yesterday, everything looked essentially the same, except for the big bush that was to Chris’s right. That was gone, evidently replaced by some HVAC equipment. Here’s a view of the whole driveway where it was filmed:

And here is a closer view of the garage Chris came out of, with me mugging in the foreground:

It was very exciting to stand in the same spot where this classic scene was filmed! I plan to hit more locations in the area soon!

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4 thoughts on “Where The Sopranos Really Happened”

  1. Thanks for the post! Since you’ve been there maybe you’ll know: do you think the final shoot out scene in the 1997 movie Cop Land was filmed in the same neighborhood?


  2. Glad you enjoyed it!

    I had never heard of Cop Land, so I just checked out the final scene on Youtube here:

    At about the 0:15 mark, you see a street sign that seems like it may say “Roc Harbour Drive.” That’s the street where Moltisanti’s house is, so it may well be the same!

    The vantage point on NYC and other aspects also seem similar. Seems likely to me!

    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting!


  3. Thanks for the reply! It definitely has the same vibe for me, overlooking the river. Stallone’s suggests more a neighborhood of individual houses, but of course every cut could be a different location. That stone wall in the background at the :15 mark, is that present at the Soprano’s location? Google Earth doesn’t have street views of RH Drive. Looks like a gated community.


    1. Hmm, can’t recall if there’s a wall there or not. Roc Harbour is kinda semi-private…you can walk in there with no gate, but it’s pretty secluded.

      If there are other topics you’d be interested in hearing about on the blog, let me know!


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