The Best NYC Comedians You Haven’t Seen (Until Now)

I’m a huge fan of comedy. For years, I’ve gone to open mics to see the very newest talent work out their material in front of largely indifferent audiences of fellow comics waiting to do their 5 minutes. I’m often the only non-comedian there.

The payoff: I’ve found some great comedians you guys need to know about:

  • Ryan O’Toole. This guy is truly from the Lenny Bruce school of comedy. He says what he wants and dang if it isn’t hilarious.
  • Alexx Starr. I’ve rarely seen anyone hold an audience as powerfully on stage, including major national acts.
  • Mike O’Rourke. I’ve watched him do hours of material, seemingly from nowhere, and he kept me laughing the whole time.

What comedians should the world know about? Leave it in the comments!

Bonus video: Impeach DeBlasio


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