Pattern in GameStop Bonds Spells Trouble For Reddit’s Favorite Stock

GameStop shares have been on a wild ride in recent days, mostly upward:

Much of this is driven by a new turnaround plan by GameStop board member and Chewy founder Ryan Cohen, who aims to turn GameStop into an online-first retailer. But if this is such a game changer for the company, why isn’t this reflected in its bonds?

GameStop owes a lot of money to a lot of people, and they don’t seem to be any more confident about getting it back than they were months ago:

GameStop’s two-year bond, on the other hand, tells an interesting story — one that strikes a much more cautious tone about the likelihood that Chewy Inc. founder and activist investor Ryan Cohen can revitalize the video-game retailer through a digital transformation. For all the whipsawing of the company’s stock price over the past two months, its debt has been relatively stoic, suggesting a rocket-ship-like turnaround is still anything but certain. The bonds last traded on March 5 at 103.5 cents on the dollar to yield 6.34%, or about 620 basis points above comparable Treasuries. That price is actually a bit lower than it was on Jan. 13, when the stock was still trading at about $30 a share.

If GameStop had truly turned a corner, why wouldn’t the price of the bonds go up along with the stock? A stronger company means higher likelihood of repayment, and hence higher bond prices.

My theory: retail traders on Robinhood are buying stock and stock options, not bonds. The bond buyers are institutional investors with a more sober outlook.

So, if you want to know the true picture at GameStop, I suggest looking beyond the stock and options to the bonds. If those start to move, something may really be changing at GameStop.

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Photo: “Retail GameStop” by is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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