How Bitcoin Could Reach $400,000

I came across an interesting stat today: the estimated value of all the gold in the world is $7.5 trillion. Gold and bitcoin are often compared as stores of value with a limited supply. What if bitcoin became as widely accepted and highly valued as gold?

At the current market cap of $949 billion, bitcoin would have to multiply in value eight fold in order to equal the value of all gold reserves. Bitcoin’s price is already heady at over $50,000, up from under $9,000 a year ago. But this stat makes me think it may have more room to run. If it reached parity with gold, one bitcoin would be worth $400,000.

Bitcoin is much easier to store and exchange than gold. On the other hand, gold has a much longer track record as a store of value and also has some industrial uses.

I prefer cash flowing stocks, bonds and real estate to either one, but for someone like me who is used to dismissing cryptocurrencies, this information did give me pause.

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Photo: “Bitcoin, bitcoin coin, physical bitcoin, bitcoin photo” by antanacoins is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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