The Nut Butter Cups I Don’t Hate Myself for Eating

I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but given the nutritional profile (22g of sugar), I can’t justify eating them on a regular basis. I recently discovered Evolved’s Keto Cups at Whole Foods, which are now an after-workout staple for me.

The chocolate is higher quality than the Reese’s, and the fillings are delicious and healthy. I particularly recommend the Coconut Butter flavor, which was my favorite among the many I’ve tried.

I recommended these to a relative recently and she ordered a large assortment online and found them outstanding. With just 1 gram of sugar, and no added sugars, it’s something I can enjoy any time.

These nut butter cups are designed to fit a ketogenic diet, which I do not follow, but they’re delicious regardless. Enjoy!


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