Texas Is Suing Itself To Stop Mask Mandates As Essential Workers Are Thrown Under the Bus

The state of Texas lifted its mask mandate recently. As if this dangerous policy weren’t enough, it is now suing the city of Austin for choosing to keep a mandate and protect its citizens:

The Attorney General for Texas is suing officials in Austin after they refused to enforce an order that ended a statewide mask mandate, he said on Thursday.

If Austin can’t make a city ordinance to keep its people safe from death in the middle of a pandemic, why does the city government exist? One may as well dissolve it.

These rules are putting essential workers, many of them poorly paid and from minority groups, in an impossible position. They’re at risk from the virus because they’re exposed to so many people, and now they have to enforce their own store’s mask mandate. But the state law gives cover to anti-maskers who violate the store rules and behave like infants when asked to mask up.

I find this totally unacceptable. To be frank, it makes me quite angry. I’m only grateful I live far away.

If the federal government can legally intervene, it should.

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Photo: “Greg Abbott” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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