The Awesome Video Series That’s Sweeping Japan Now

This weekend, my wife introduced me to an adorable little video series ]that’s become all the rage lately in her home country of Japan. The stop-motion animations feature little guinea pig cars that have adventures, and the sounds are recorded from actual guinea pigs! We’ve enjoyed relaxing in the evenings with these cute videos. Each takes countless hours to make and a new one is uploaded to this YouTube channel every week.

Pui pui is a onomatopoeia for the sound guinea pigs make. You needn’t speak Japanese or be familiar with Japan to enjoy the series, but those who do/are will notice a few funny tidbits. The restaurant in this video is based on Jonathan’s, a popular (and excellent) family restaurant chain in Japan. But the video renders it Molsan’s, based on “morumotto”, the Japanese word for guinea pig, and “san,” which is like Mr.

Have fun! 🙂


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