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Month: January 2021


Could a Head Lice Medication Help COVID Patients?

There is increasing evidence that ivermectin, a drug usually used for head lice and other parasitic infections, may help COVID patients. A new randomized controlled trial from India found patients with mild to moderate COVID admitted to the hospital were more likely to survive. Another study from Florida also showed lower mortality among patients given ivermectin, but others have shown […]

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How We Could’ve Known Theranos Was a Fraud

Investors lost over $9 billion on Theranos, the diagnostics testing company run by Elizabeth Holmes that was exposed as a fraud. Worse yet, patients received inaccurate test results, imperilling their health. But what if asking one simple question could’ve prevented all this? In the book Editing Humanity, Keith Davies notes that Theranos’ technology had no foundation in peer-reviewed, published research. […]

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Why I Just Did a 3 Day Fast

I just completed a 3 day fast this morning. I celebrated by munching on chocolates and having some of my mother-in-law’s outstanding banana bread. It’s a great feeling to have made it! No, you do not die if you don’t eat for three days. In fact, fasting for 3-5 days can regenerate the immune system. Older cells are eliminated through […]

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What’s Really Going On in the World Today

We’ve seen some scary headlines lately. But I threw caution to the wind and went out exploring anyway so you guys wouldn’t have to. What I found: beautiful sun, empty sidewalks, no rioters, indeed nothing out of the ordinary besides a few inflatable Santas. I encourage everyone to remember that even when there are problems, 99.99% of what’s out there […]

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How We Can Rewrite Our Genetic Blueprint

We may soon be able to edit our own genes using a new technology called CRISPR. It uses a bacteria to change data in the genetic code and could one day cure rare genetic diseases. There is also potential in editing genes to prevent cancer and heart disease. In the new excellent book Editing Humanity by Kevin Davies, we learn […]

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How I Quit Smoking

Six years ago, I did something people say is almost impossible. I quit smoking, and I haven’t touched tobacco since. Here’s a secret: it’s very, very possible. I smoked about a pack a day of cigarettes for over 7 years, and as I was about to get married, I thought about how I had to prioritize my health now that […]


A New Strategy for Getting More People Vaccinated Faster

If the average benefit from a booster is only 5%,(increasing efficacy from 90 to 95%), then intuitively it seems logical that this dose is better used by giving it to another individual without any vaccination to increase their immunity from 0 to 90%. A number of researchers have proposed getting first COVID vaccine doses to as many people as possible right away, instead of holding back vaccine to give as 2nd doses later. A new paper released today estimates that we could immunize everyone much more quickly given this approach. Most of the protection comes from the first dose, so getting more first doses out should be able to protect more people than reserving doses so people can get a […]

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My Best Resources for Home Workouts

When my gym closed last March, I wondered how I’d continue to train and stay healthy. Even with gyms reopened now, lines are often long and many people are still not comfortable going. So how can we stay in shape at home, preferably with little or no equipment? These are the best resources I’ve found: Athlean-X. Terrific YouTube channel created […]

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The Painting I Love the Most

I’ve always found Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon particularly beautiful. When you walk into the room where it lives in the Museum of Modern Art, it’s impossible not to be drawn to it. The bright, rose color, the striking jagged shapes, and the eyes of the women staring back at you always hold me rapt. I particularly liked to go to […]

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The Incredible New Blender I’m Loving

With cold weather and ample time at home, I’m getting a lot of use out of a wonderful Christmas gift I received: an Instant Ace Plus blender. It’s so powerful I jumped away in fear the first time I turned it on! Since then, I’ve made friends with it, and it’s rewarded me with silky soups and delicious smoothies. I […]