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Month: January 2021

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My View on Markets in 2021

My main business is investment, and some recent developments have gotten me thinking about where markets are headed this year. An end to the pandemic by Q2 2021 is predicted by multiple models (here and here). We’ve seen a substantial increase in personal income in 2020, largely due to the CARES Act. Much of that was saved and might fund […]

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Intuition, Boxing and Freedom

I recently received an intriguing short essay from a friend of mine. It gave me a different perspective on what we consider freedom. I’ve published it in full below. Enjoy! It’s when thought and action form a single whole that you’re free to be something Freedom I know a boxing instructor who used to tell his pupils to evade incoming […]


New Study Predicts End to Pandemic in Q2 2021

Photo: Dr. Maciej Boni, Associate Professor of Biology, Pennsylvania State University, study co-author Assuming high vaccination coverage (> 28%) and no major relaxations in distancing, masking, gathering size, or hygiene guidelines between now and spring 2021, our model predicts that a combination of vaccination and population immunity will lead to low or near-zero transmission levels by the second quarter of […]


What Do Conspiracy Theories Have To Do With Ant Farms?

I notice a significant increase in the popularity of conspiracy theories recently. Some are byzantine, with such outrageous claims it’s a wonder they ever gained currency. And they seem to be gaining new adherents by the day. Conspiracy theories are nothing new. But why do they seem particularly salient today? Being a part of a group of believers, either in […]

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What I Just Learned From a Discussion With Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna

Today I attended a fascinating discussion of the movie Human Nature, a documentary on CRISPR gene editing. Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna, the co-inventor of CRISPR, gave us her perspective on the technology. Author Walter Isaacson and the filmmaker, Adam Bolt, also gave valuable insights. Isaacson framed the moment well, saying that CRISPR is part of the 3rd great scientific […]

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An Outstanding Science Movie and Your Chance to Talk to a Nobel Prize Winner

I just finished watching the superb documentary Human Nature, which details the origins and applications of CRISPR gene editing. The filmmakers interview all the leading people in the field and produce a fascinating and highly accessible narrative. I found particularly striking how one of the co-inventors of CRISPR, Jennifer Doudna, enjoyed being in an unknown field at first but also […]


The Best New Thinking on COVID

Today, I came across two new articles that provide a great perspective on the COVID crisis. We are running a live experiment with massive numbers of new COVID cases every day. There is a significant risk of mutations, which have already been seen in the UK and South Africa. Delaying 2nd doses of the vaccines to get more people a […]

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The Boy Who Was Me

I recently received a wonderful letter from a young man named Corey, who is at Rawhide boys ranch. Rawhide is a place that takes in boys who have gotten in trouble with the law and helps them change their lives. Corey was behind in school before he arrived at Rawhide, but he’s done a complete 180 and will graduate high […]

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Could the MRNA Vaccines Used for COVID Also Cure Multiple Sclerosis?

The vaccine blocked all clinical signs of MS in mice, while control animals experienced the typical symptoms of the disease.  Fierce Biotech BioNTech, the company behind one of the best COVID vaccines, has reported excellent results in curing an MS-like disease in mice. The treated animals showed no signs of the disease, and those that were already having MS symptoms […]


The Pace of Vaccination is Increasing Rapidly

Take a look at the chart above…this is COVID vaccines administered daily (7 day moving average). We see a trend of rapid increase in the pace of vaccination. The numbers bounce around a bit from day to day, but I find this trend very encouraging along with the new federal policy to release 2nd doses and allow everyone over 65 […]


Vaccine Policy Just Changed in a Major Way

The federal government will now start sending out all available doses of the COVID vaccine, rather than holding some in reserve for second doses, per The Wall Street Journal. It will also recommend the vaccine be available to everyone over age 65. Broader eligibility criteria have helped Israel vaccinate faster than any other country, and significant evidence has emerged for […]

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Why I Started Giving Blood

Last March, as COVID began to whallop the New York area, I sat on my couch refreshing the news over and over and getting increasingly paranoid. I’d check the case counts before I went to bed and then again as soon as I got up. I soon realized this was not a sustainable way to live. Then I saw an […]