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Month: December 2020

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I Listened to Sammy “The Bull” Gravano’s New Podcast

It’s awesome! Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, Gambino crime family underboss turned government witness, released the first episode of his new podcast today. It’s called “Our Thing” and you can see it here. I found it very engaging. The style is spare and fast-paced. The first episode covers the planning of a hit on Genovese family boss Vincent “The Chin” Gigante […]

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My Family in Japan Saw Me on TV!

My wife is from Japan and in our five years of marriage, I’ve become very close with her family. But, given today’s restrictions, I can’t see them any time soon. But they saw me! My wife’s mother and sister watch New Amsterdam, a hospital drama shot in New York City. I appeared in this episode as an EMT, my first […]

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My Camping Essentials: The Basics, The Wishlist, And The Things I Never Thought I’d Need But Can’t Live Without

Getting involved in camping since the spring has done a lot for me. I’ve developed new skills, found greater relaxation and mental clarity, and become closer with friends. But, to get those benefits, first I needed a tent! There are certain pieces of equipment that are non-negotiable must haves for camping. Other things are nice to have, and some things […]

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How Camping Is Improving My Life

In April 2020, I did something I never thought I’d do: leave my warm, comfortable apartment and sleep in a bag in the woods. When I found out friends of mine were organizing a camping trip, my brain immediately started manufacturing excuses why I couldn’t go: too cold, the gear’s too expensive, etc. But with lockdowns removing most of the […]

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How I Learned to Cook

For 11 years through college and most of my 20’s, I cooked little more than toast. Every meal I ate, I ate at the cafeteria and later, once I had a real job, an actual restaurant. I had many a scrumptious dinner, but I also had an anemic bank account and expanding belly. I realized something had to change. How […]


We’ve Had a Vaccine Since January 2020

I just found out that we’ve had a COVID vaccine since January 13, 2020, a mere two days after a brave Chinese scientist published the virus’ genetic sequence. In this superb article, David Wallace-Wells details how Moderna created its vaccine, which has proven highly effective in trials, in a single weekend. What if we had made that vaccine available to […]

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The Only Health Podcast That Makes Me Laugh Too

Lee Syatt may not be famous (yet), but he’s a hilarious comedian. Unfortunately, he’s also well over 300 pounds at 5’4″. Lately, I’ve been enjoying his new podcast What Was I Thinking?, where he is detailing his efforts to get in shape. I find myself laughing hysterically walking down the street as people distance themselves from me for reasons far […]


Why We Need an NBA Bubble for Nursing Homes

Earlier this year, my Great Aunt Paula died at 97. She was the last of a generation of old-time Italians in our family that lived on one street in Bridgeport, CT for decades. As the years went by, she developed health problems and had to live in a nursing home elsewhere in the state. Nursing homes have been tinderboxes for […]

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How I Kept Laughing in 2020

If we ever needed a laugh, this is the year. Lately, I’ve been relaxing with videos by two different very funny men: James Blackwood – Raccoon Whisperer, a nice man from Canada who feeds dozens of raccoons hot dogs in his back yard nightly. They love hot dogs, cookies, and grapes, and even let him pet them! Sure to bring […]